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Faces are the insulation between the supply and the market. They can and often should work in multiple layers. The more steps removed the sale of an item is from the source, the less likely it is that the source will be compromised. The closer a face is to the final sale of an item, the higher their risk, whether that risk comes from law enforcement or simply someone deciding that the price is too high, and bullets are cheaper. Those closest to the source will likely be buying wholesale, bulk orders, and then filtering that down the chain. Some faces will be high-rollers bringing in big value shipments, while others may be hustling for the sale of a single item on the streets.

This advantage gives you access to the seamy underworld of New Carthage. It allows you to post to the black market BBS, and opens further opportunities such as dealing drugs or illegal imported goods.

The Faceman advantage is the prerequisite for becoming a Drug Dealer or Fixer. Players should consider carefully when selecting Drug Dealer or Fixer, as most characters will not be allowed to become both a Drug Dealer and a Fixer.

Note: Fixer slots are heavily limited in the game and only become available when there is a free slot. It can take MONTHS for a slot to become available, so do not expect one quickly

Advantage Information
Required advantages Disallowed advantages: Associated skills:
(None) (None) (None)