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"There are two types of AV's. 
Fighters, and targets."

-- Unknown aerodyne jockey.

You might be the terror of the road, or the master of the skies. Your weapon is a hyper-modded bike, an armor-clad hovercar, or a multi-ton aerodyne. Some of you are biker jocks, following the Bushido code of the gangers, or corpies paid to fight pocket wars in a fly-by-wire AV. Whoever you are, razor-sharp reflexes and a top-of-the-line ride gives you the edge you need in a world of high tech weapons and mass destruction.

You ride, drive, or fly a vehicle like it's an extension of your own body, and you love the smell of synthfuel in the morning. You're a jockey.

Jockeys range from desparate nomad bikers to highly trained mercenary attack pilots. They fly, drive, and fight in vehicles that are chrome chariots of the modern era-- but they're also massively dependent on the complexities of their mounts and at the mercy of parts shortages and battle damage.