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"Danbala Wedo... he whispers your name in my ear as the wind.
There is a Loa in the sands of the Wastes, traveller.
The Master of Crossroads spoke to me of you last night."

-- Leona

Your home is a sea of endless dunes, your city a broken grid of ruins and abandoned concrete. You run with survivalists, tribes of aboriginals, mutants, wandering the shattered expanses of debris in the wake of Zero Day.

You're a Nomad. You trade in scavenged tech, you survive on what you can hunt, and you live with what you can carry.

Most of all, you're a survivor.

The vast wastes of Cybersphere are inhabited by scattered survivors and refugees of urban collapse-- the nomads. They're a mixed bag of skills and backgrounds, but all share an independent streak and an affinity for what's left of nature. Some hold a deep-seated hate for the concrete walls and cramped spaces of urban sprawl, while others view it as just another wilderness to be conquered.