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Character generation is the process you find yourself when you first begin playing, or after your character has permanently died / gone on vacation.

Depending on which level you wish to proceed through will determine some different (or slightly restricted) opportunities given to you during the creation process. An example of SOME parts of the process needed are:

  • Physical appearance (description, clothing, possibly nudity messages)
  • Biography (backstory, personality, life of, etc.)
  • Public History (public record for your character, name, birth date / location, employment and criminal records for instance).
  • Learned skills and physical attributes (stats)
  • Special capabilities learned through training etc (Advantages)

We also have three 'levels' of character generation, each one provides different positives and negatives and each has different requirements. While not all requirements are explicitly listed here, you should consult more in depth help files on the specific level you are interested in.

The levels and some basic information are:

  • Basic (Tier 1) -- Given less points to spend on stats, skills and advantages, also does NOT require a biography or in depth personality. Will automatically be approved provided the minimum requirements are met. (These should not be used regularly, nor should they be used as throw away characters to do something for OOC reasons etc. Some of our oldest characters in game have been basic characters that players have built up from nothing.
  • Standard (Tier 2) -- Our oldest level of character generation, originally the only form. Provides everything you need in order to make a well round character, all of the normal requirements for approval are there. Biography, appropriate stats/skills (and explanations), descriptions and so on.
  • Advanced (Tier 3) -- A heavily role play and character development based tier. Often mistaken for allowing you to 'make a stronger character', though begins with the same number of points as Standard. This tier is geared toward hardened role-players who want to 'get a little more' out of the game. Provides a wider range of advantages that are more restrictive in play style, more role-play focused, and more specialised. Players making submissions for this tier must adhere to more stringent requirements available in the Tier 3 help file and must continue to abide by these additional requirements while playing their character.

PLEASE NOTE: When using the character generation pathways, two key things should be noted. Firstly, when choosing a path, you may NOT restart into a higher path, only the path you chose or lower (ie, Standard cannot move up to Advanced but can move down to Basic, once in Basic you cannot move back up). Secondly, if you enter a path requiring approval to enter the game, making submissions that do not meet the requirements and result in three (3) consecutive denials will result in your character being reset and restarting in a lower path.


These guides can be particularly large when reading them in game via 'help', they are best read on the website via the links given, but are still available for plain text reading via help.

If you want an in depth guide of the character generation process, refer to the chargen guide and history guide