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Although no public decency laws exist in New Carthage that will stop you from running around naked, most people prefer to wear some form of clothing.

You will start the game with two customizable clothing objects, cloth1 and cloth2. More pieces are available in-game, and unless someone has locked them they are also changeable to suit the whim of your fashion sense (or lack thereof).

Here's a quick tutorial (taken from 'help clothing' on the MOO itself) to get you started. It's also worth noting that if you want to check a piece of clothing @messages clothing, for example,

@messages cloth1

will provide you a full list of clothing messages that can be altered.

First, rename your cloth1 (or cloth2, but I'll use cloth1 for the purpose of this example).

@rename cloth1 to "duster"

We're on our way! Next, describe your duster.

@describe duster as "A long riding coat of tough cowboy material, no doubt worn by some tough cowboy on those tough roundups of old."

Before wearing your new piece of clothing, you'll have to set the areas on which it fits:

@coverage duster is arms,shoulders,chest,abdomen,groin,legs

When worn, the duster will cover every area except head, throat, hands and feet. See 'help @coverage' for more information.

The most important message to be set on your clothing is 'worn'. This text will integrate into your description when you are wearing the clothing.

@worn duster is "A long khaki canvas coat trimmed in leather hangs from %p shoulders to %p ankles, protecting %o from harsh desert storms."

Customization of clothing may include:

@rename cloth to
@describe cloth as
@worn cloth is
@wear cloth is
@remove cloth is
@strip cloth is
@dress cloth is
@game_description cloth is [what people will see when they inspect the cloth]

When doing a strip/dress description, %n is the name of the player performing the strip/dress, and %i and %d usually works as the name of the player getting stripped/dressed.

(The "%p" and "%o" are called "pronoun subs" and you can learn more about them by reading 'help pronouns' on the MOO, or visit the wiki's pronouns page)

Now all you have to do is 'wear duster' and Voila!--You are clothed! You can remove the clothing with 'remove duster'.

To see a summary of which areas of your body are clothed and which are naked, use the command:


To set an item of clothing to reveal or hide the nudity underneath it, utilize the commands

@opaque <item> 

To set <item> as opaque and will not show underlying clothing or body areas.

@transparent <item> 

To set <item> to reveal underlying clothing and body areas.