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Natural weapons are weapons that your character will have access to at all times. Generally, these are typically unarmed fighting styles such as hand-to-hand combat, or attacking someone with other improvised weapons, such as your teeth. Also appearing on this list will be genetic mutations that can be used as a weapon, or trained martial arts skills.



Using this command without any arguments will show you what natural weapons are available to you. This also displays genetic mutations such as bone claws and some cyber weaponry.
Cybernetic weapons must be readied for use. Use the command @cyberware to see how to activate your chrome.

Example output of @natural:

Your available natural weapons are: fists, feet, teeth, and Kung Fu

Entering the command with an argument from the displayed list will switch you to using that fighting style or natural weapon.

To change it to Kung Fu for example, one would enter: @natural Kung Fu

You can change the fighting styles which you use during combat, but not when holding an weapon item or a vehicle mount.

Note: If you are using a one-handed weapon in your main hand, your natural weapon may still be used to parry, counterattack, or perform other actions.