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   ht <someone>
   health <someone>

Your health is important. And when in a fight your opponent's health is important. This command will give your opponent's health when used in the first two indicated manners and when used in the third will give your health.

The following is the different levels of health you can have in order from best to worst.

He is in excellent health.
He seems to have some nasty cuts and bruises.
He is covered with bloody gashes and wounds
He staggers from many gaping wounds
He is deathly pale and bleeding from multiple stabs and slashes.
He is barely conscious, mangled and bloody.

The corpse of DoughBoy is neither healthy nor unhealthy. It's healthless.

Odviously this example was taken from a fight with DoughBoy. Another item of health that may be added to one of these lines comes from when you or your oppenent start to bleed.

Blood spurts from his open wounds.

This is very serious and I would advise breaking off combat since there is no definitive way to know how fast this will kill you unless you stop the bleeding.

If bleeding is not stopped you will very soon see this message:

Your severed arteries pulse weakly with blood

And then you will see the Clone Arrangers or Chargen after a brief ten minute break form the game. So stay healthy!

Shawn "Necrosis" Orrange