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As local governments faltered against international economies and corporations began to take over it was often found that the issues surrounding local jurisdiction based currencies, and with them, their relevant economies, only slowed down financial processes. With this came a need for a new, efficient, and streamlined economical system. Corporations formed and fought based around financial services across the globe, and eventually BanCorp clawed its way over the bodies of its competitors by securing stockpiles of precious metals in hostile takeovers or recovering lost vaults buried under years of rubble from the war and subsequent violence.

With BanCorp's cemented place in the world, a centralised, digital currency handled by secure matrix backbones around the world and backed by heavily protected vaults of precious metals found its place as the peak, and eventually only, globally recognised currency. The 'credit'.

BanCorp's financial services are now available to every corporation, organisation and human on (and off of) the planet willing to sign up, with branches in every major population centre and transaction terminals anywhere a large enough crowd gathers.

These services are offered via a credstick that can be obtained at your local BanCorp branch, with additional services offered through partnership with Matrix International to provide financial transaction related services via the complant network.