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 "Guaranteed ammunition ignition and cycling. Sanguinius Arms engineering demands it." -- Sang Arms screamsheet advert

Sanguinius Arms, LLC (formerly Sanguinius Technologies) is a small but unusual corporation in the armament field. Its primary assembly facility is located in the upper tiers of geosynchronous orbit, aboard the automated factory satellite 'Skyvault'. The assembly facility began in the early 2000's as a silicon refinery and chip factory for a conglomerate of Japanese research firms, which evolved into today's Sanguinius corporation.

During the global wars of the early millenium, Sanguinius diversified into specialized, highly sophisticated arms manufacturing, including pulse rifle technology, missile seeker AI, and combat radio encryption/weapon datalinking. Its limited-edition, lightweight, and efficient handgun and rifle designs have become extremely sought after by SWAT units and multinational crime cartels alike.

Though often simply seen as another semi-autonomous branch of InterOrbital Operations, Sanguinius Arms has recently been noted to have taken many self-directed actions that in some arenas have brought it into conflict with other members of what many call the 'IO Family'. Mortius Biotechnologies's relationship with Sanguinius Arms has been particularly strained. A number of reports indicate that meetings of the heads of InterOrbital with both companies have ended in a flurry of accusations and internally 'leaked' documents revealing that these two nominally related companies have begun stepping on one another's toes.

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