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Displays the OOC (Out of Character) information on a player - this is meta-info about the controller, the human being who plays the game. Usage:

@info             - toggles your @info on or off for public view.
@info me          - Displays your info page.
@info <player>    - Displays the info page on a <player>, if available.

@info displays the following:

Name/Nickname     - Set with @my rl_name is "<text>"
WWW homepage      - Set with @my homepage is "<URL>"
Email address     - Set with @my email_address is "<email>"
ICQ (or any IM)   - Set with @my icq is "<screen-name or UIN"
Quote:            - Set with @my quote is "<text>"
Plot Name:        - Set with @my plot_name is "<text>"
                    (If n/a, then use @my plot_name is "")
Timezone:         - Set with @timezone command or @my timezone is "<timezone>"
RP schedule       - Set with @my roleplaying_schedule is "<schedule>"

Use the following RP schedule format:

Day HH:MM-HH:MM(24hr. format) Timezone(optional)   Day2 HH:MM-HH:MM Timezone   Day3 HH:MM-HH:MM Timezone ...


@my roleplaying_schedule is "Everyday 08:00-13:00 EDT  Monday 15:00-16:00 EDT  Friday 1600-2300"

Properly formatted roleplaying schedules will allow other players to see when you're available via the @findrp command.

Note that if your @info is turned OFF (isn't publicly viewable) then your personal RP schedule will not be publicly advertised to other players. If your Plot Name is set, your plot will be publicly advertised regardless of your @info setting (but players won't necessarily be able to link the plot to your character).