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You tired of that '<Your_name> is here.' others see, when entering the room you're in? Well, you've come to the right place, 'cuz now I'm gonna explain how you can set your very own message, instead! Oh glorious day. 'tis simple, just type:

@room_status me is <message>

Keep in mind that '<Your_name> is ' will be put in front of that message. Also, no periods or anything will be placed after it, so you'll have to add those by yourself. A message like 'here, sneaking in the shadows.', would come out as '<Your_name> is here, sneaking in the shadows.' to others. If you're two or more in the room, with the very same message, you'd come out as '<Your_name> and <Other_characters_name> are here, sneaking in the shadows.' One thing to keep in mind, is that this message is what people will see when entering the room you're in, or when they look around in said room. Something like '<Your_name> is cool as fuck.', since it's not really something they'd see from just glancing briefly around the room, wouldn't be entirely appropriate here. Something like '<Your_name> is here, shivering in a corner, scared shitless.' would be better.

You can reset your room status by setting it back to "here", or the blank string:

@room_status me is ""

When your room status message changes, it will announce to other players in the room, such as:

@room_status me is reloading his gun. -> <Name> is now reloading his gun.
@room_status me is ""                 -> <Name> is no longer reloading his gun.