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What are advantages?

Advantages are just that: things that give your character a particular combat or roleplaying advantage, that are intrinsic to your character, that can't be bought with money. Some advantages can only be bought in character generation, such as a starting apartment or credits - others are available during play, either by finding them in-game or requesting them via @sptrade.

Advantages are bought with Advantage Points (AP). If you type @stats, you'll notice a line at the bottom indicating how many of these you have left to spend. Everyone starts with the same number of AP. When you buy an advantage, you lose the AP that the advantage costs.

Every day that you connect and interact with other players and the world, you gain one AP. This way, the more you roleplay on Cybersphere, the more AP you'll accrue to buy advantages which enhance and enrich your character.

For a full list of advantages, check the main Advantages page.