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Crafting a piece of armor is simple and painless. To create a new piece of armor, you first need one of the armor crafting advantages. From there, you need to gather textiles to put the armor together. Textiles can be purchased from various shops, through fixer contacts, scavenged or procured through a myriad of IC avenues.

Once you have gathered your materials, simply use the craft verb. This will take you through the crafting process. When you've completed crafting a piece of armor, you will be left with a fresh, undescribed, piece of armor. This piece is yours to describe and message. To complete your armor, you need to submit it for review. @submit-armor 'armor_name' will send your armor request to the staff approval system. If approved, you now have a fancy new piece of armor! If denied, you will have an opportunity to redescribe and message your armor.

Associated Advantages


help leatherworker
help wasteland armorcrafting
help artisan armorcrafting
help master armorcrafting