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Character notes are additional notes that you may add to (and remove from) your character biography once you have entered the world.

These are OOC and the only people who can read them are the Administration, and you (by reviewing them within the character notes menu, or by using @history). They are NOT an in-character notepad to store information and memories for your character.


@characternotes / @cn

When adding a note, a date / time stamp will also be added with the current in-world time to assist in keeping a relevant timeline for the notes. Keep in mind that if you add too many notes, the oldest note will be deleted to fit the new one in. See the information provided in the @characternotes 'Add Note' menu.

These may be used in the following ways:

  • A way for you (the player) to store important OOC notes you need for your character (such as if you as a player are forgetful and lose passcodes to apartments and the like)
  • Keep track of the important things your character has done while in game as an extension of their biography. (NOTE: This also helps the Administration when referring back to your characters information and may assist with advantage requests and a record of important or major events may assist with plot or other roleplay related interactions)