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Clothing has several messages which enhance its virtuality. All messages are displayed to the room as well as all actors.

(If you are not familiar with pronoun substitution on MOO, you should review help pronouns now. References to "player sub", "T-sub", "D-sub", and so on are referring to pronoun substitutions.)

-- worn --

This is the message integrated into your description when the clothing is worn. The player sub is for the wearer of the clothing, and the T- sub is for the clothing.

(T-sub will ALWAYS refer to the clothing.)

If you would like your clothing to look different on a man than on a woman, set either the "male" or "female" messages.

If a message of the same gender as the wearer is defined, that message will be shown instead of the default "worn" message. For example:

@worn   t-shirt is "%S wears a tight t-shirt."
@male   t-shirt is "His tight t-shirt shows off some massive pecs."
@female t-shirt is "Her bountiful bosoms bounce bouyantly within the tight fabric of her t-shirt."

-- wear --

Shown when the clothing is put on.

-- remove --

Shown when the clothing is removed.

-- tease --

This message is displayed when you 'tease clothing'. You (the teaser) are represented with the player sub.

-- strip --

This message is shown when someone (using the player sub) strips a piece of clothing from someone else (using the D-sub).

-- dress --

This is printed when someone (player sub) dresses someone else (D-sub).