Embedded Actions

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Embedded actions are actions that can be called from within an emote or pose command. To do this, insert the command into your emote or pose surrounded by angled brackets, such as:

.slump down onto the futon. <sit on futon>

Others in the room will see your pose as normal, but your character will end up sat upon the futon.

The actions that can be embedded are limited to the following:

Action Description
wield/hold Pulls an item from your inventory into your hands.
sheath/lower Puts an item you are carrying in your hands away.
wear Puts on an article of clothing or armor.
sit Sits on something, maybe the ground.
stand Stands up from a sitting or a laying position.
drink Drinks a liquid
time Displays the current time
hcolor Uses Color-Q fiber optic hair to turn your hair a different color.
ecolor Uses Color-Q Fashion Eyes to turn your eye color a different color.