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emote <anything> ...
:<anything> ...
::<anything> ...

Announces <anything> to everyone in the same room, prepending your name. This is commonly used to express various non-verbal forms of communication. In fact, it is so commonly used that there's a special abbreviation for it: any command-line beginning with ':' is treated as an 'emote' command.

The alternate form, '::' (less commonly 'emote :'), does not insert the space between the player name and the text.

Examples: Munchkin types this:

:wishes he were much taller...

Everyone in the same room sees this:

Munchkin wishes he were much taller...

Munchkin types this:

::'s eyes are green.

Everyone in the same room sees this:

Munchkin's eyes are green.

See also help pose, help embedded actions, help table talk.