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From the lowest gangland scum to the CEO of a multinational corporation, everyone wants a place to rest their head at the end of the day.

Many bars around the city (such as Club XS, the Pleasure Dome, and others) offer cubes for rental for a small daily fee. These are secure lodgings that cannot typically be accessed from outside, but as a downside they're often small and claustrophobic. Check help here in any cube room for further information.

In a step up from cubes, there are many apartment buildings scattered around the city, ranging from the run down and only slightly secure Warnov Apartments through to the mediocre Public Housing, the slightly more secure SecuriTech Tower and all the way to the glittering spires of the Corporate Sector in Nakamura Tower. It should be noted that this list is not exhaustive, and other apartment buildings can be found around the city. Alternatively, apartments in different buildings can be rented via the real estate office on Fuji, including Cyber Surgery facilities, Gun Shops, and more. Rental of these is usually done through a directory. Check help <directory> when you're in the presence of one.