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Jimmying a vehicle lock, rewiring a door lockpad, hacking a palmlock.

Note: Requires the Lockpick Expert advantage (20 AP in CGEN) to pick most doors. See the help file on lockpicking

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As technology advanced, so too did the complexity of the humble lock. Keys have gone the way of the dodo, with many apartments and private rooms being secured behind electronic keypads, complant identification systems or retinal scanners instead of mechanical locks.

Thankfully, most locks can still be broken.

Vehicle Locks

The lock on a vehicle is typically coded to a user's thumbprint or complant signature, but the nature of the lock means it's easy pickings for a determined locksmith. These types of locks will require some sort of tool to unlock, though practically any tool kit you can lay your hands on will do the trick.


Of the myriad lock types in New Carthage, the most common is the keypad. Whilst models vary they all rely on the same simple process of a code being typed, and thus can be defeated by the same piece of specialised equipment, known as a keycode generator.

A keycode generator is made up of multiple components, and must be assembled. Given an appropriate pin processor chip and a keypad wiring, any competent electrician should be able to assemble the keycode generator. Meanwhile, the locksmith will need to acquire the serial number from the door to be picked:

pick <exit>

Note: Obtaining the serial carries an advantage point cost.

The next step is to program the keycode generator using this serial (see the help file on programming for details on how physical objects can be programmed).

Note: This carries an advantage point cost for the programmer.

Once the keycode generator is programmed, the lock picker can finally attempt to open the door with it:

use <lockpick> on <exit>


pick <exit> with <lockpick>

Depending on the skill of the lock picker and the programmer, this can take a variable amount of time and cost a varying amount of advantage points. The advantage point cost at this stage can be shared between multiple lock pickers, if they are so willing.

In general, the cost of opening a lock is around 5 AP in total.