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When you see another player's character - they would most likely appear in the room with their short description instead of a name. That would likely look something like `short muscular Canadian man', the short description includes the height, weight, race, sex and clothing of the character. If the character is naked, they would be described as such, if their face is covered - then the race would be omitted from the short description.

Non-Player-Characters who are part of the game's set would instead appear to you with their name and not a short description. Although you can see your own name in @stats and by looking at yourself, unless they remembered you, other players would also see you with your short description.

You can see how you appear to others by using the command:

@appears me

You can remember players whom you meet by using the command:

@remember <player> as <name>

Where <player> is replaced with the short description of the character and <name> is replaced with the name with which you wish to remember them.

For example:

@remember gaunt muscular armored Canadian man wearing leather trenchcoat as Solo

Tip: You don't have to type in the whole short description as you see it. Shorten it down to just @remember gaunt as Solo, if there are no other gaunt people in the room.

You can forget someone by using the command:

@forget <name>

To see a list of names your character remembers and recognizes you can use the command:


To search your memories for someone type:

@memsearch <short_description>

This will search your long list of memories for all the people's names that match the short description of the trait you entered, for example:

@memsearch woman

Will return all the women you've remembered

Note: You can't remember Non-Player-Characters as they already have names. You don't necessarily have to remember someone with their actual name if they don't reveal their name to you. You can use a nickname which is useful for you to help remember that person. For example you can remember those who attack you as Thug or Meat to identify them later as enemies. You could choose to remember Arguontarndo as just John.