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Pose is more powerful (and prettier) than emote because it conjugates your message for every interested party in the room. Enter your pose as if you were typing in a first-person voice.

Pose recognises the following:

  • Names -- Exact matches on the aliases of gendered objects in the room.
  • Pronouns -- Pronouns will match for the last player mentioned.

Additional verbs you wish conjugated to your gender should be prefixed with a period.

-- For example:

Typed------> .kick chuck, bruising him on his shin as I .laugh madly.
You see    | You kick chuck, bruising him on his shin as you laugh madly.
Chuck sees | Quinn kicks you, bruising you on your shin as he laughs madly.
Others see | Quinn kicks Chuck, bruising him on his shin as he laughs madly.

Typing `.kick chuck, bruising chuck on chuck's shin...` would produce the same, except 'him' would translate to 'chuck', since a literal name was specified.

Text enclosed inside quotation marks will be spoken in the current language you are speaking.

-- Special subs:

/all /everybody /everyone -> A list of every $player in the room.

See also: Help:Pronouns.