Programming Commands

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Programming an electronic item, such as a keycode generator, EPROM, Corporate ID card or bio-lock chip is usually a multi step process.

Step One

Obtain the item to be programmed. This may be constructed, as in the case of a keycode generator or retrieved by an electrician from a different object (such as removing the EPROM from a vehicle during the hotwiring process, or removing the chip from a bio-lock holster).

Step Two

Insert the item into a cyberdeck, and copy the kernel program from the item's memory to the cyberdeck itself. Most programmable items will appear to the cyberdeck as a ramcard once inserted.

Step Three

Run the kernel software. The exact requirements of each kernel software will vary; some will carry an advantage point cost to use. This will be made clear by the software when it is run.

Step Four

Save the kernel software back to the item. This is a very important step which is often missed! Without the kernel software, the item in question is just a paperweight.

Step Five

Use the item for whatever nefarious (or completely legal) purposes you have in mind.