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Ok, so you've decided that your "knack" in the game will be the one of a thief. A few quick words on being a Thief. People don't like to be stolen from, imagine that! I can pretty much assure you that the life of a thief will not be an easy one. If your cought in the act....your gonna pay, and pay dearly. I'm not trying to sway you from your choice of character role, a thief is a fun character to play. The first and most general command used in stealing would be Pickpocket. The command line for pickpocket would be: 'pickp <item> from <player name>' I'll give you an example for easier reference. Lets say a character named Earl was hanging out in the local bar. You are hanging out chatting up a storm with good ole' Earl and notice him put something of intrest away. Lets say its a Medikit for example. You would want to type: 'pickp medikit from earl'. Now if the dice roll your way and Earl isin't so perseptive, you will manage to rummage in Earl's pockets and get the object of your desires. It may seem easy as pie to start, be warned however, the better a characters perseption the better the chance of you getting cought in the act. This is not a good thing for a thief, trust me! OK, lets take a quick look at stealing from stores. You walk into a place of buisness and spy something in the display you can't afford.(See: *Help Stores*) You decide to take your chances at stealing the item. The command line is: 'shoplift <item number> from display'. Here's an example: Your Character does a 'look display' command and takes interest to item number seven in the display which happens to be Monocrys Overcoat that costs 2.4k. Your character decides to go for it. So you would type the command: 'shoplift 7 from display' If the dice roll your get the Overcoat free of charge. By chance you get cought in the act however, be prepared, its not going to pleasent! Oh, and another thing. If you do get cought stealing from a store you should expect to meet the same fate everytime you walk into that store. You image has been saved to file. Your a criminal now....expect to be treated as such. Rumour has it you may be able to pay a fine that would remove you from the stores "BlackList". Good luck finding out how! OK, stealing from wearable containers. Ewww this ones scary. Your character looks at another and notices a left shoulder holster. Maybe they left it open. The first thing you would want to do is: 'look left on <player name>'. Ok, you get a message that describes the look of the players holster and its contents, lets say Dailung .22. You would to type: 'steal left's dailung .22 from <player name>' I cold go on all day about this subject, so I'm going to wrap it up here and leave a few things for you to discover on your own. Have fun! (info provided by Peter 7/22/99)