Trustable Actions

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Trustable actions are those which you can @trust another character to do to you. Many of them involve actions that would otherwise put your character at risk.

strip Trusting someone to strip you means that they can remove your clothing. You don't have to be conscious for them to do this.
dress Trusting someone to dress you means you'll allow them to dude you up with clothing, armour, jewelry, etcetera.
feed Trusting someone to feed you could be very serious indeed. This allows them to stick all manner of things into your mouth. And yes--you will swallow.
heal Seems harmless, eh? Sure! Let everyone heal me! Uh-uh. Be careful with this one, as there are some sadistic samaritans out there on the mean streets.
take from (aka take-from and take_from) Allowing someone to take from you means they needn't make dramatic grabbing attempts to take something from your hands. They can just politely get it.
give to (aka give, give-to, and give_to) Allowing someone to give to you means that you'll automatically put away anything that's in your hands if they hand you something new.
hold (aka grapple) Allowing someone to hold you means that they'll automatically succeed a grapple check.
follow If someone is trusted to follow you, you won't automatically try to lose them when moving between rooms.