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[To view the markup that belongs to these examples simply 'edit' this page]

Articles on the Cybersphere wiki (should) follow a simple convention to ensure everything is presented in the same way.

When linking to another article, only link the first appearance of the word in every paragraph as an absolute maximum. When every single word is a hyperlink it just looks strange.

When discussing skills or MOO output use a space at the start of the relevant lines:

like this

When adding MOO input commands inline (ie. in a sentence) format them like this

When including IC flavour text, prepend each like with a space and italicise any speech in quotes. If quoting a person, explaining the situation etc add a blank like (single empty 'space' on a line) and follow with with -- <name>.

The quick brown-clad street-samurai jumped over the lazy punk
While saying: "This is IC"

-- Some QBS's assault on the Jerks

Use <object> as a placeholder, and square brackets for optionals e.g. [option1, option2], as in:

load <gun> with [first, second, etc] <magazine>

Any important notes should be highlighted with Note: in bold only. Avoid bolding entire statements where possible.

Due to the naming convention of Help/<Topic>, some other page types have ended up categorised in a similar way:

  • Advantages/<advantage>
  • Languages/<language>
  • Places/<place>
  • Skills/<skill>
  • Stats/<stat>

They will still need to be added to their appropriate Category and likely have redirects applied to them.

Categories should be added / updated at the end of the article including the following syntax


Slang entries should be written as they would be in a dictionary.

Use the following mediawiki markup to format them.

==Slang Term==
*Term definition
:"Use the term in a sentence"

If a slang term consists of multiple definitions and types of words, simply add the extra listings in the same format, ie a verb, definition, then noun, definition.