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Your character may earn a custom-built abode, usually for the price of one hundred advantage points and one hundred thousand credits. This abode must be realistic, approved by the administrators, and themely. It must be located in Old City, the Zones, Bangkok, the Northern or Eastern Wastes, Junktown, the sewers, or in New Carthage itself. We recommend the Neon Tower, Hypermart, or such a locale - new buildings can be created, but may carry a higher fee. Real estate is expensive.

Your character will be charged rent. The rent price will be decided upon by the admin, and will be a fair price based on the going rate for that type of facility, the location, and the level of facility. You will be able to have your character rent a gun smithing shop, a cyberdoc facility, a cyberdeck technician shop, a retail store, or an apartment. If rent is not paid, your character will be evicted. If your character dies, the place will be emptied as normal. After eviction, the facility will either be made available to the public or recycled completely.

You will design the initial description of the place. That will be set as the default, and if the place is not recycled after eviction, it will be the starting description for any new renter. If the location is in the wastes or such, an entryway might also be described.

If the place is made available to the public, and your character that applied for and got the place has permadied, do not rent the area with a new character. It's highly unfair to have all of your characters rent the same place.

As stated earlier, the place must be realistic. No flying cars in the Northern Wastes that someone must take a flying carpet up to. No diamond-encrusted palace in Bangkok. No massive warehouse in the (comparatively) little Neon Tower.

If you have any questions, contact Rain. If you're ready for rental, and have the APs in question, @request away!