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In a normal fight, you're simply trying to hit your opponent anywhere and any way you can. However, sometimes you want more finesse - you want to hit your enemy in a particular spot (groin and head are two favorites). To aim at a particular area, simply indicate it in your `attack' command:

attack Quinn's head

This will initiate combat, with you aiming at that location. Keep in mind that it's a lot harder to hit your enemy when you're aiming so carefully. If, during a combat, you want to change targets, simply re-type the 'attack' command with a different target location (or none at all), or use the `aim' command:

aim for groin

You can also use the `aim' command outside of combat if you feel a special need to aim for a body part at all times.

To stop aiming, you can use any of:

stop aiming
aim for nothing