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Basic upgrade allows a player to go into the IC game as a basic character and submit a character profile for GM approval within 31 days to be upgraded to the skills and stats of a standard tier character.

There are three (3) commands that are added to every basic character when they enter the game:
@buhistory - Allows you to set your history and public history. Works exactly the same way as in chargen.
@busubmit - Submits your character profile for approval.
@buincrease <stat or skill> by <amt> -- this will increase your skills or stats

Once approved, the command @buincrease becomes available - it will allow you to increase your stats and skills as you chose. You can not use it to increase a stat or skill beyond what would have been available in chargen.

A player disapproved three (3) times for basic character upgrade will not be able to upgrade the character he or she is playing. The feature will be restored the next time they go through basic chargen. Although the only commands are for setting your history, this is a full character profile review. If you have poor description, nudities, traits, etc then your character may not be approved.

Sometimes you know right away what character you're going to play when you go into chargen, however sometimes you do not know. Basic chargen upgrade allows you to play around with character concepts and skill combinations while retaining the possibility of keeping the progress you have made with your experiment should you decide you like it after all. However, basic chargen is a privilege, not a right -- the GMs reserve the right to ban a player from basic chargen (and therefore basic upgrade) either for a temporary period of time or permanently in response to abuse.