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Help Cab Occasionally your feet are gonna get fraggin' tired. When this happens, quite walkin' on 'em! They're gonna get pretty pissed at ya, so why not call a cab? That's right, you can hail a cab in Cybersphere...The way you do it is:

  1. 1. Make sure yer fraggin' Complant is on. The way ya do that Chum is to type

' -o ' That will either toggle it on or off...if it's off, it'll come on and vice versa (be sure to read the Complant help file, it should be around here somewhere's)

  1. 2 Type in this string (without brackets):[ -p 505-neon ] What that does is

calls the automated NeonCab system, when they answer, they'll send a cab to you. Make SURE you don't walk away....They only go to the one spot.

  1. 3 Enter the cab and tell the driver where you wanna go. Different drivers

understand different things, so try a few different ways of saying where you wanna go. (For instance, one of the drivers only understands single word commands). When you arrive at yer destination, the cabbie will charge you the creds and dump you on the street, real nice like, so you can go buy somethin or kill whoever you were after...Whatever.... See Also Help Complant Help Phone

(curteousy of Cron 7/22/99)