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We like to think of ourselves as GMs in a great international role-playing session; And you should think of yourself as a player.

You are encouraged to build a character here. Be someone you aren't iRL; Invent an elaborate life. Give yourself interests, compulsions, addictions and _use_ those as motives for your virtual actions.

When you are 'in-character' (IC), you should act as your character. Behave and react as would the _character_ you are playing.

However, when you are 'out-of-character' (OOC) you act as your RL self. It's like taking a playbreak to go out and smoke and talk about school.

We provide the @ic and @ooc commands for your use in toggling these states. See `help @ic` for details on their syntax.

After all, you wouldn't want someone walking into a wet dream and asking for directions to your pineal gland, would you?

We're all dreaming together. If you respect the reality of the dream, it'll be the best you've ever had.