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At the same time that a citizen is assigned a SIN, they are also granted a level and category of security clearance. This security clearance neatly categorises their lives and enables (or restricts) their day-to-day activities. By far the most common category of clearance is C, or Civilian. Alternative clearance categories exist and are granted based on employment status or through application to a respective corporate interest. These categories include, but are not limited to, [S]ecurity, [M]edical and E[X]ecutive levels of clearance. Typically, clearance within a category is ranked from one to ten, with one being the lowest level of clearance. For example, citizens classified as 1C hold little to no rights, and are refused even basic services such as complants or credsticks, as below:

Clearance Rights afforded
1 None
2 Credstick, Bank Account, Complants
3 Temporary corporate access, ability to rent property, some businesses
4 Corporate residential access
5 Corporate employment