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Clothing covers your naughty bits, protects you from RPG damage, and gives you that snazzy continental flair.

(You should create some clothing so that you can follow the instructions given below to customize it. I'll use a duster as an example.)

The first thing you should do to any item you create is describe it. This is as easy as:

@describe duster as "A long riding coat of tough cowboy material, no doubt worn by some tough cowboy on those tough roundups of old."

Before wearing your new piece of clothing, you'll have to set the areas on which it fits:

@coverage duster is arms,shoulders,chest,abdomen,groin,legs

When worn, the duster will cover every area except head, throat, hands and feet. See help @coverage for more information.

The most important message (lookup the help file if you don't know what a MOO "message" is) to be set on your clothing is 'worn'. This text will integrate into your description when you are wearing the clothing.

@worn duster is "A long khaki canvas coat trimmed in leather hangs from %p shoulders to %p ankles, protecting %o from harsh desert storms."

(The "%p" and "%o" are called "pronoun subs" and you can learn more about them by reading help pronouns)

Now all you have to do is 'wear duster' and Voila!--You are clothed! You can remove the clothing with remove duster.

If you wanted to rename your duster to something different like a 'trenchcoat', you can do that too:

@rename duster to trenchcoat

If someone has trusted you to strip them, you can strip the duster from them by typing strip duster from <player>. Check out trustable actions for more info about trusting.

(There are more messages, so be sure to check out the full list of their names and functions.)

Clothing (and Nudity) is one of the most...interesting aspects of our MOO. You will benefit from learning how to use them. Win friends and influence people with your way mod duds!

For a summary of your clothing layers, type @clothing.

If you want to know more about clothing creation, see the Tailor Guide.