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This is a list of some of the general commands available on Cybersphere, it is in no way a complete offering of what you can do, or how to do it. However this will get you started towards the right path. As always, feel free to ask a Gamemaster, or Staff Member for assistance if you require it.

For an extremely detailed list of commands please see the wiki page for Commands

'help' / '@help'
displays a listing of miscellaneous help topics and online resources.

'say <message>'
say a message into the room that you're in, quite useuful should you need to beg for mercy from the huge musclebound thug that's about ready to cut you in twain with that rather sinister looking Fedarms .44 gripped tightly in her paw.
example: say Hi bob, how's the wife and mutant?

'emote <message>'
allows your character to do an action such as smile, frown, fart, whistle, etc. You'll find that the emote command is an essential when it comes to both standard RP scenes, and MOOsex.
example: emote strokes her beard in comptemplations and smiles a toothy grin.

'pose <message>'
An expanded version of emote, provides a wider range of functionality to interact with the world during an emote. For details please see 'help pose'

'l*ook <object>' / 'look'
allows you to look at the description of an object, or if used by view the room that you're in.

'get <object>'
this is necessary if you're planning on picking up and using things.
example: get destructo5000

'drop <object>'
the opposite of get, however you've got to have your hands on the object to begin with.
example: drop destructo5000

'examine <object>'
lets you examine an object for verbs that may or may not be of use to you.
example: examine Umo Elegante

'pay <amount> to <person>'
lets you (if you have a credstick) pay a certain amount of credits to a specific person, both players MUST have their credsticks out and in the open.
example: pay 100 to bob

'@info <player>' / '@info'
allows you to set your OOC personal information, this information is by your own contribution, and is not necessary to play the game in any way. You should be wary of setting information that could be misused and open yourself for OOC, off server harassment. For more detailed information type help @info

'@messages me' or '@messages <yourname>'
displays all the customizable messages on your person, messages are set with the syntax: @my message_name is "your message here"

displays your characters statistics, including your stats, skills, advantages and some other particulars depending on your character

use this to increase your skills to higher levels, every day (or thereabouts) you'll receive a skill point and advantage point if you log in and participate in the world. Skill / stat points are used to upgrade your stats or skills and advantage points are used to purchase new advantages or spent to use some skills. The more points you dump into something, the better you are at it.

shows a listing of people currently online on the complant network (see: help complant)

Shows a list of currently available administrators if you are in need of assistance

'@page <person> <message>'
lets you contact a Gamemaster, or Staff member via a remote page verb, if you need to contact players see 'help complant' for instructions on how to use your complant.