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In order to talk long-distance to other players, send mail to them, receive news, or use the in-character bulletin board system, you must use your communications implant (or `complant' for short). This is a tiny computer implanted beneath the skin -- fortunately, you begin your life here with one, and it's pretty difficult to lose it.

You use the complant by thinking your mental commands and messages to it. To do this, use the `-' command - i.e., type a dash followed by whatever you wish to send to the complant. The complant's messages back to you will be preceded on-screen with another dash. Often these messages will be menus, from which you can select various commands.

For help from the complant about its menus, type a ? into it. Example:


If your complant is off, you can use


to turn it on (alternatively if it is on, this will turn it off).

To reset your complant and exit out of whatever function you are within, type

reset complant

If you missed a message of some sort, you can use the

look complant

command to look at the last 5 messages by your complant. (these include movements in the menu, so be wary)