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Once a character is injured so severely that a killing blow lands, this blow has a chance of being diverted to a critical hit instead of outright death.

A critical hit can have many effects, depending on where it lands, and the severity of the hit:

  • Cyberware destruction
  • Organ injury/destruction
  • Body part loss

Only a 'killing blow' has a chance of scoring a critical hit. This means that when your injury level is low, you have very little chance of being struck by a critical hit. The higher your injury level, and the more severe the hit, the more chance your character has of receiving a critical hit. Critical hits may have side effects, including trauma, shock, bleeding, and internal bleeding. Certain drugs can be used to treat the effects of critical hits. Even if your character survives a critical hit and rests or gets first aid treatment for injuries, critical damage remains. A severed leg will not grow back, a destroyed liver will not re-form. The only way to get critical injuries healed is by visiting a medical facility.