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Electronic miniaturization and the use of tailored anti-rejection drugs has made cybertechnology the fastest growing field in the 21st century. Skeletal, dermal, muscle, and even neural modifications are now outpatient procedures. Cyberware ranges from simple grafts of vat-grown tissue to implanted weapons and chip-driven memory enhancers.

Cyberware must be installed by a skilled "cyberdoc" with cybersurgery skills and proper facilities. Cyberware can be uninstalled from a living person the same way, or ripped out via not-so-surgical means...

Various cybernetic implants can make your player stronger, faster, smarter, or give him/her access to implanted weapons, armor, tools, or electronics.

For a list of cyberware your character KNOWS ABOUT (you never know just what the doc implanted when you were sedated, after all...), use the command:


..which will return a list of your cyberware implants and their activation commands.

For more details, see the wiki page