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Your character's history files on Cybersphere are the foundation of our game. Histories build up the ideas behind your character and make them a 'real' person in Cybersphere's world. Although it's not required to develop your character with a history file, we think you'll find the game more fun if you do. Cybersphere is about roleplay and conflict, and you can't have much of either without a history file or a well developed character. Histories are broken up into two parts: Your biographical history and your public history files.

Your biographical history is a personal, in-character, and private description of your character. You can write out your character's bio however you see fit. Some players make up stories, others write as if their character's 'talking' about themselves in first person. Timelines, outlines, poetry... include anything you think will help explain your character to our staff and make it more 'real' in our world. The more detail and additional flavour you provide within a biography, the more likely you will be to have it accepted, as well as ending up with a more in-depth character for you to work from. It also assists the administration with ideas and potentially working out who is suitable for what interactions and plots. A well created character, no matter what level, may be viable for such things, it is not restricted to ADVANCED / Tier3 (though they are more likely due to the additional requirements)

At a minimum, though, you should develop the following about your character:

  • Home
  • Family
  • Instruction/Education
  • Life Events
  • Relationships
  • Goals/Beliefs

Your public history files are information that 'Big Brother' has collected on your character during the course of their life. Corporations and governments have accesses to giant databases as well as massive surveillance networks in Cybersphere's future, and when other characters try to dig up information about you, the public history files that you write will provide them with 'the dirt' on your character's past. As such, your character's public history file should contain as much information as possible that could be obtained by these systems, often even otherwise clandestine and secretive information may have small pieces of it leaked, without revealing the entire truth. Your character's public history should be clear, concise and well structured to represent the way simple data would be recorded in such a system and should not contain conversational wording or prose. Spelling and grammar is also of importance, to the best of the player's ability. Public history files are periodically updated by the game to reflect your character's actions in the game world. What you write is a baseline that the game takes and modifies as you continue the play Cybersphere. Give us a good foundation to work with-- writing 'UNKNOWN' for every entry is unimaginative. Instead, drop clues about yourself that'll make your character interesting and mysterious to data hackers looking up your files on the network.