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Getting injured in a fight is no picnic. In addition to simple wounds, you can suffer from bleeding which can become life-threatening. There are several methods of recovering from these injuries. The first is to simply wait to heal. This is a slow method - healing is very gradual. If you're bleeding, however, this method will actually lead to your death! If this is the case, use the following commands

firstaid <person/me>
heal <person/me>
bandage <person/me>
firstaid <person/me> with <medikit>
heal <person/me> with <medikit>
bandage <person/me> with <medikit>

Note: Using the command without a medikit will only attempt to stop bleeding, it will not apply any healing assistance

You can also get certain healing drugs, dermapatches and specific implants which heal damage much more quickly. Type use <drug> to put the chemicals into action. Or in the case of an implant, wait. Hospitals and clinics exist for the treatment of injury as well; however, like most things in New Carthage, these cost money.