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CyberSphere is a virtual reality in which players move about, communicate, socialize, and generally become participants in their environment.

The CyberSphere is not just a game, but an entire self-contained world, with its own inhabitants, activities, dangers, goals, and values. There is no way to 'win' - each player enjoys eirself in whatever way e sees fit. Players explore the virtual cityscape, meet and talk with other people, engage in commerce and combat, and many other activities.

Most commands have the form of simple English sentences:

<verb>  <direct object>
<verb>  <direct object>  <preposition>  <indirect object>

Don't use English articles (e.g. 'a', 'an', or 'the') in your commands; the parser won't understand them. You can refer to yourself as 'me' and the room you're in as 'here'.

The first five kinds of commands you'll want to know are listed below. Type 'help <topic-name>' for details on any of them:

Help:look -- getting a description of the current room or any other object Help:say -- speaking to the other players in the same room as you Help:complant -- using your com to communicate with other players Help:movement -- how to move around in the MOO, from room to room Help:examine -- a more in depth analysis of an object or room Help:@quit -- disconnecting from the MOO