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Since the Babel Tower, humanity has spoken more languages than Eskimo words for snow. Just cause the NAS virus decimated most of this planet doesn't bring us any closer to a universal language. So knowing when to use that Japanese you picked up on your last trip to Tokyo, or some good invective in street-talk is an art. C'est la vie, chummer. Sorry, francophiles. English is the universal language of corporation and commerce. And if you're reading this, you already know it. Still, you might have picked up some other vocabularies. Switching into Chinese while in Bangkok is as easy as *speak Chinese*. [OOC note: typing *speak* alone will show you what language you are currently speaking, and what other languages you understand.] If someone chatty starts going off in a language you don't understand, likely it'll go straight over your head. But if you've got some insight, maybe an ability to recognize languages, you'll be able to tell what language they're speaking in. Even if you might not understand what they're saying. In addition to English, Japanese, French, Chinese and Street-Talk - New Carthage's burgeoning immigrant population comes equipped with Arabic, Gaelic, German, Russian, Spanish and even Tagalog. You might want to learn them all, but intelligence and education plays a large role in how many languages you can balance at one time. A brilliant scholar may have access to the full spectrum, while your common thug may only speak English - and poor English at that. For enterprising students, the Language Institute will teach you more ways to order dinner - for a price. So next time someone bigger than you insults your mother - you know how to curse them out in a lingo they won't comprehend.

type: "help <language>" for more information Written by Beka, November 2036