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The following list summarizes the stages a stat or skill can go through, from worst to best. It's an abstraction, so treat it as such...

Note that this list has changed! Levels in *bold* are new, some old words have been removed, and levels denoted with a * are in different places to previously. Some stats may differ slightly from this list, especially at the low end.

New Levels Old Levels
*nonexistent* abysmal
abysmal terrible
*dreadful* pathetic
*atrocious* bad
*awful* poor
terrible inept
pathetic adequate
bad passable
*inferior* decent
poor capable
inept fair
*inadequate* ordinary
*unexceptional* mediocre
mediocre average
adequate moderate
*acceptable* competent
passable good
fair* talented
capable* impressive
decent* superior
competent excellent
good incredible
talented superb
impressive remarkable
superior outstanding
excellent magnificent
remarkable* exceptional
superb* legendary