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So you wanna be a pet owner huh? Spend long nights with your fleet of cats, or perhaps take care of a stray puppy you found out by the curb. Well here's what you've got to know.

CS pets respond like real world pets. They don't. At least, the common variety doesn't. Every pet understands a couple basic commands. Heel and Stay, to be specific. You simply need to direct the command to the pet to get it to respond.

If you want your pet to behave more obediently, then you'll have to get it trained. Contact your local pet distributor for details. There are variety of training facilities and programs, each with its own commands and costs. Details should be available where you received training for your pet.

Some commands to help you in case you're having trouble finding and IC documentation: sit, stay, heel, follow, attack, roll over, play dead, shake, speak, search, sic 'em. Basically, if there's a real world command it's probably available ICly, and if not, please feel to contact an admin about adding the command to the training packages.