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Plots, Story Arcs, and Roleplaying

Although Cybersphere is a complex and richly coded environment, roleplaying your character involves far more than just the coded mechanics of getting possessions, money, and combat power. One of the key ways to make CS into a truly living world is to create story, a "plot" (or "Tiny Plot (TP)" in MOO slang) involving one or several characters.

Basically, the idea behind a plot is that you have a story to tell, one that adds to the game's overall texture and theme. This story may or may not involve your character, and it doesn't necessarily advance your character or result in wealth, power, or fame. A good plot will spawn memorable stories about "that night outside the Syndrome". Players are free (and even encouraged) to start and sponsor plots involving their own characters and IC friends/enemies. These player-sponsored plots can be run purely with in-character resources your character has already obtained. In general, you should keep in mind that player-sponsored plots are very flexible and free of the delays and regulations involved in getting sponsoring admin approval. In other words, if you run a plot yourself, anything goes (as long as it's In Character)! Admin-sponsored plots typically involve NPC's (Non Player Characters) who figure as the prime movers in the storyline. (Players who submit special @request or @plots material can also be featured in admin-sponsored plots). Admin plots are typically needed if a story idea requires the construction of a new area, the creation of a new technology, or other "new" things; keep in mind, though, that creating, debugging, and beta-testing new resources will take time. Admin-sponsored plots can also have world or landscape-changing effects; they're typically story arcs or episodes of a larger theme that take many weeks to play out. They often involve large, broad segments of the game population (if not the entire playerbase). Though they may have more resources and reach than a player-sponsored plot, this doesn't make admin-sponsored plots "better". They're merely another avenue of storytelling on the game.

Commands for plots: Any player is free to advertise and start a plot. The admin only ask that you put at least a minimal amount of time into your player-sponsored plot and/or put some deep thought into your @request or plot idea.

@my plot_name is "<short title of your plot>" Setting your plot_name message will cause the plot to be advertised on the @findrp list whenever you are logged onto Cybersphere. The plot will advertise roleplaying times based on your RP schedule. If you're done with your plot, please leave this message blank or clear it via @my plot_name is "". Please don't spam the @findrp list with your plot_name message. You'll get one warning before we forcibly clear the message and revoke your access.

@timezone "EDT / PDT / AuWST / etc." @my roleplaying_schedule is "<roleplaying schedule>" @findrp These commands are described under "help @info" and "help @findrp"

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