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Cybersphere web resources:

The official Cybersphere homepage contains the most up to date, accurate information on the game and is maintained by Cybersphere's creators. Graye's newbie help page contains extensive advice and a summary of the most common CS commands you'll need as a player. Ix's Cybersphere page contains many helpful words of advice for deckers and a thorough overview of Cybersphere's culture, equipment, and matrix system. A Cybersphere discussion group. Go here for chat, message posting, and discussions about CS and its players. This is a collection of names, and naming practices for most of the cultures around the world, it is VERY well organized, and quite helpful if you're stumped for an original ethnic name. A collection of cyberpunk slang and terms that you should feel free to draw upon to better increase the feeling of "theme", while it is geared towards CP2020, it is VERY applicable to Cybersphere.

(Updated 9/11/00)