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The .size prop determines how large, or small, an item is. This determines mostly if it will fit in a container or not. This chart gives sizes and roughly equivelant objects. Abreviations are tiny(tny), small(sml), medium(mdm), large(lrg), huge(hge)

  0-10      tny  Cockroach, Paper Clip, Coin, Dollar
 11-100     sml  Rat, a Salami, Dagger, Walkman, Pistol, Flashlight
101-1000    sml  Cat, Basketball, Cyberdeck, Club, Backpack

1001-2000 sml Dog, Halfling, Microwave, Most Swords, Rifles 2001-2500 mdm Wolf, Dwarf, Floor-TV, Battle Axe, Plasma Cannon 2501-3000 mdm Human Female, Bicycle, staff or pole-arm 3000-6000 mdm Average Human, Door, Motorcycle, Tiger 6001-12000 lrg Tall Human, Ogre, Refrigerator, Septic Tank 12001-25000 lrg Car, Elephant, Hut, Large Tent 25001-50000 lrg Shuttlecraft, Helicopter, a two-car Garage 50001-100000 hge Jet/Starfighter, Small Home, Giant 100001-150000 hge Dragon, Bomber, Hangar, Star Freighter 150001-200000 hge Castle, Battleship 200000-1000000 Starbase 1000000+ Planets and Beyond