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When in the CyberSphere, many people forget that the other players in the virtual reality are people just like themselves, with feelings and intelligence. Do not make this mistake. Treat others as thinking, feeling human beings.

Much of the fun of CyberSphere comes in forging friendships and alliances with your fellow players. There are many public meeting places, such as bars and taverns, for this purpose. We encourage you to hang out in them, talk to people, make friends.

If you make an enemy, tick someone off, or otherwise engender bad karma, don't complain to the wizards. The personal relationships of the players here are none of the wizards' business.

Things that will undoubtedly annoy other players: - Killing or attacking them. - Stealing from them. - Using abusive and/or sexually explicit language. - Spamming other people's screens with macro-generated text. - Fighting in public meeting places / bars. (take it to the arena.)

Keep in mind that none of these things are forbidden by laws, but people may feel a need to retaliate if you do them. And remember, vengeful friends are a powerful thing.