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Help Kensai TV, Tri-V (Full Size and Portable) Getting Bored and wanna' watch some TV ehh? Well that happens and it just so happens that someone has spent the time creating quality programming for you to watch. first thing you will need to do is either posses your own Television...either a Kensai Portable TV or a Full Size Kensai TV. This help file should work fine on either model. First thing you want to do is make sure its turned on. To do this you need to type: <Press power on TV>. Now this will command will do two things, power your tv up if it is not currently on, and power it down if it is on. Ok, so you got power and now its time to flip through the channels and see whats on. In order to choose your channel you would need to type: <press channel on tv>. That command will prompt you to choose a channel, all you need to do is type a number. More than likely you won't find anything broadcasting live. At the time of this file being written only one TV station in town (NCI) is doing live broadcasts and they generally advertise when they will be going live. So keep your eyes peeled. So, now you've flipped through the channels and are kinda peeved because it seems like nothing is on. No worries oh lazy one. Tri-V studios allow their users to store videos for the public to see. On CyberSphere stored video's are referred to as a trids. Pick a channel then type: <press trid on tv>. Once again you will be prompted to select a trid. Simply type in the number and the program will begin to download, and within the next few moments your watching a show. Once again at the time this file is being written, 4 on your Tri-V will more than likely have the most extensive selection of Trids for your viewing pleasure. What next? Lets say you have a few friends come over and the TV is just to noisy to handle anymore. You could <press power on tv> to cut it off, or you could use the command <Ignore TV>. The ignore command is handy for times when you just don't feel like a spam attack. To begin paying attention to the tv again just type: <watch TV>. Happy TV'ing ya' lazy bum! A Peter Brady help file

Some channels of interest: Channel 100 NCI - Special Live Feeds Channel 200 Nippon 24-7 News Channel 23 Network 23 News Channel 310 Universal Entertainment Net Channel 320 Skin Connexion! Channel 666 Death TRi-V - LIVE! Channel 667 Death Tri-V Classics Channel 7 Oldbie Programming

Finally (and most importantly): Channel 1 Universal Channel Guide (A continually updated guide of all registered Tri-V programming... aspiring media stars can rent out their own Tri-V studios and register channels to carry their message to the people!)

--Updated by Incognito 7/21/04