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Guide to sending your character on vacation.

By ICly sending your character on vacation, you, the player, can take a vacation from that character and explore other aspects of CyberSphere. Role-playing opportunities unavailable as one character might be fun to try for a while as a fresh new face. CyberSphere STRICTLY forbids alts. The creation of an alternate character is highly forbidden. People often use alts to gang up on opponents, get extra money, spy, and other nefarious activities. To make the creation of a new character unabusable, a few restrictions are applied.

It costs 7500 credits and 7 advantage points to go on vacation. The costs avoid the feature to be abused and generally help the economy. The character points is to prevent people from doing things such as: picking up a job from RatLord with one character then having the other character become the delivery person to make some easy cash, having an alt pick up items/gear for the other character in a location the other isn't allowed, etc. The advantage points makes sure that when someone sends a character on vacation, they've thought it through, and are doing it for good reasons. The password of the original character is scrambled. They are sent off on vacation. You cannot play as them while the new character is active. Period. You're still being limited to one current character at any given time.

To send your character on vacation, go to the Vittorio Travel Agency (accessible by taking a shuttle from the IO port, corpside). Hit @vacation, and make sure that the e-mail address is correct. You will then have a new character's name and password e-mailed to you, while your old one is off. To return from vacation, you have two options. One is to send your new character on vacation (again for the same costs). The original character's password will be e-mailed to you. The second option is available after your new character dies without a clone, instead of starting a new character on that account, you can opt to bring your original character back from vacation.

Please remember that the two characters are seperate entities. Just like when you start a new character after dying without a clone, you cannot transfer items, money, property, lovers, or alliances between the two. That would give you an unfair edge on others. You are playing someone totally different and unrelated to your earlier character. Please don't abuse this system.