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In the harsh reality of Cybersphere it is highly likely that you will, at one or more point in time be involved in some sort of combat. Cybersphere has a wide array of weapons that allow one player to inflict damage to another. They differ from one another in price, weight, damage inflicted, accuracy, ability to penetrate armor, speed, and many other variables. You'll need to experiment to find which weapons work best for you in different situations.

The basics:

Find yourself a weapon and '<wield> or <hold>' it and your ready to go. For instance, if your character had a baseball bat in its inventory, in order to use it in a combat situation you simply would need to type '<wield> or <hold> baseball bat'. Then poof, you're cracking skulls with your handy dandy baseball bat!

Other weapons allow you to aim or direct your attack at a specific part of the other characters anatomy(see: Help Aiming). Remember, when in doubt, just type '<exam> <weapon name>' for a list of all verbs pertaining to your weapon's use.

For more Information see:

Help:firearms How to load and unload
Help:blades How to Slash and Stab