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CyberSphere web resources:

The official CyberSphere homepage contains the most up to date, accurate information on the game and is maintained by CyberSphere's creators.


Official forums linked in directly with several message systems on the MOO itself.

https://www.cybersphere.net/cs/Cybersphere The Wiki for CS, a constant work in progress but the source of some helpful articles nonetheless.

Nostalgia Points:

http://geomancer.blogspot.com/ Molotov's blog is dedicated to the compilation of various logs, excerpts, and notes that players on CyberSphere have submitted detailing the geography and culture of its imagined world. The material here is excellent and fits well into the overall "canon" or officially developed story of the CS world; please consult a GM if you have any questions about including Molotov's material as part of your character's history or gameplay.